Merrill VS BSI

The final test of two small monsters: MERRILL vs BSI aka SIGMA Dp2 Merrill vs SONY a7Riii!

Today I had the time to test two of my beloved cameras:

-Sony a7riii with the Voigtlander 1.4
-Sigma dp2 Merrill

I took one picture each of three different scenarios, taking account of the DOF and using the Sony with a 1 stop more closed aperture.

After taking the pictures I made a tiff with very flat standards from x3f files from Merrill, NO NR, sharpening at -0.7 and some shadow/highlights recover as my standard batch settings.
After I doubled the size of the 15-megapixel files to 60 megapixels on Photoshop using the “preserve detail 2.0” setting.
For a7riii I only made an NR on Capture one of 20 instead of the default 50 and a very high level of sharpening (300) with a minimum radius of 0.4!

That’s the result:

First A7riii, second DP2M

What to say?
Sony always wins from sharpness and at the same magnification (something about 100% for Sony and 80% for Sigma).
The smaller Foveon wins only on architecture shot for texture rendition if you like that quality.

For my experience, Foveon of Merrill camera wins on print and I could even say ALWAYS wins on print cause the different details reproduction makes what we see on screen as “noise” becaming “texture” on paper.

This is not a contest, but could be useful to remember to always keep in the bag one of the small Merrill if you wants to have a choice for your pictures to take!

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