Fujifilm’s simulations for our cameras!

I always loved the mood of the different films presets (simulations) included in any of the Fujifilm cameras released since the first x-pro.
They started adding the iconic Provia, Astia and indeed the awesome Velvia presets in their jpeg settings on camera and later in their color profiles develop settings for Lightroom. We shouldn’t forget to add in the list my favored as a starting point for any type of editing: the supreme ProNegStd so perfect about any shade of colour and some black and white settings.

After the first generation, Fujifilm added in their cameras (and in their profiles for Lightroom) the series of preset Acros for Black and White and the super cool Classic Chrome, so much loved by old fashioned photographers looking for something close to their lost Kodachrome film!

After many years testing various commercial product like VSCO, RNI or Mastin Labs, I thought was time to edit by myself something for Capture One using my experience with colours build with Merrill Cameras.
So I started with the profiles of the GFX for Capture One 12 to rebuild a ICC profile for my Sony a7riii.
After a while I achieved it!

Now, when I edit a picture with Capture One I have this menu on “Base Characteristics” tab :

And this is what I get when I use this profiles:

Clockwise– Sony generic,ASTIA,PROVIA,VELVIA

Clokwise– ProNegSTD,Classic Chrome,ACROS Y,ACROS G
Clockwise– Sony Generic, Provia, Classic Chrome, Velvia
Clockwise– ACROS R, Classic Chrome, Velvia, Provia.

I like so much the effect, I’m happy now, to be able to use the real Velvia, or not just a bad emulation of the Classic Chrome.
Yes, the Chrome, imitated by every film emulation brand but not even close to this original as you can see:

On this picture, you can see my Classic Chrome profile (on top) vs the RNI Kodachrome 1958 profile, the best ever seen on the market to emulate the famous film type; the difference is huge.

If you are interested to buy my Fujifilm simulations, feel free to send me a mail asking for the model of the camera you want to use.
I’m working to be able to sell the most common camera models already cooked using a fast Paypal payment.

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