Color profiles for Capture One

My migration to the Capture One profiles was possible thanks to this link:
There you can easily find all the required information to be able to create a good ICC profile for you camera on Capture One (C1 from now on)
Small guide:
1-Find your camera here
2-Go on Samples/Thumbnails section in the review of the camera and download the raw sample with the two color checkers at base ISO.

3-Open the raw downloaded with Capture One and export two times the crop of the Color Checker with this settings (ICC profile needs to be with SHOW ALL in the list so you can use all the profile available):
Export the two variants as TIFF 16 bits, ICC profile: embed Camera Profile and call the first as cc24.tiff and the second as a curve.tiff.
4-Download this (thanks to DcamProf).
5-Unzip the file downloaded inside a temp folder and copy the cc24.tiff and curve.tiff inside as well.
6-Run the start.bat file.
7-Rename the prelim-profile.icc with the name you prefer (Canon 5ds, Fuji xt1 etc)
8-Copy the profile in:
for windows: C:\Users\\AppData\Local\CaptureOne\Color Profiles
for Mac: /Users//Library/Colorsync/Profiles
-Open Capture One and in ICC Profiles select your profile in the “others” tab.
You have now a LINEAR color profile for your favorite camera!
Here a sample before and after!
(the actual colour was the second!)

As you can see, the image has less contrast (use the luma curve to fix that), but the colors are way more realistic!
EDIT. On Jan 2019 X-Rite released this.
So instead of using the .bat file you can easily make your profile with the new software using just your “curve.tiff” file at point n.4 and this new beta software available there.

Edit2. on Dec 2020:
If you want to have the top quality profiles, for your passion or your professional workflow please take a look on my new website:
There you will find accurate (the best in the market) profiles for Capture One and Lightroom too.