Finally great colors on Merrill !!!

OUTDATED, the new generations of color correction is HERE.

Since the release from Sigma, the Merrill dp camera was the “small factory of detail” everyone would always love but… just in black and white!
The main problem of the audience had a name: Sigma Photo Pro (SPP) , the slow and intricate software necessary to decode the raw files coming out the Sigma Merrill cameras.

Without a proper white balance control and pursued by green cast problems coming from a bad or not good enough color profile, the tiff produced by SPP have all the same taste of old green/yellow .

Someone tried to sort out the issue creating a wrapper to convert the x3f files to dng files avoiding SPP.
The outcome was something easier to calibrate in Camera Raw/Lightroom/Capture One but without the great amount of details typical of Merrill cameras.

After many months I had the idea to build a color profile able to “translate” what coming from Sigma Photo Pro with default parameters to CameraRaw/Capture One/Lightroom in order to achieve a perfect color rendition.
Basically I had to build something like a L U T  for CameraRaw/CaptureOne/Lightroom for the tiff files created by SPP using neutral parameters settings.

The help of the sharp and super expert mind of my friend Raamiel was the boost needed to finish this project and to be able to create this mighty profile.

With an hard work he took the necessary informations and, after many try, he”cooked” the final color profile necessary to achieve the picture in the bottom , coming from the original tiff above.

We can see the cast is gone, the color of the tree popping up and the quality of the general color rendering is improved and ready to be edited as usual in CameraRaw/CaptureOne/Lightroom.

Following there are some other samples not-profiled tiff vs profiled tiff vs profiled tiff with WB, auto adjust on C1.

Just a reminder, every slide has three images:

the first image is the tiff opened in C1, the second is the tiff with the color profile applied, the third is the final image with color profile, wb and auto adjust of levels and exposure. No curve or other corrections were made.

If you enjoy this work, we are offering the full package of profiles just for 12,00 £.

You just have to click BUY NOW and pay by Paypal, and you’ll receive the download link with the full package.

Inside you’ll find:

the color profile for Dp1/Dp2/Dp3 Merrill cameras in three different formats to be used in:


-Capture One

-.Cube format file (LUT) (e.g. color Lookup on Photoshop)

So, be ready to develop your favorite pictures with NEUTRAL color mode on SPP, export it in Prophoto 16bit TIFF and open this with Lightroom/CaptureOne or perhaps with Photoshop and similar to apply the right profile and finally enjoy the REAL colors of your pictures!
Just remember to adjust the white balance once the profile was applied.



Below is the latest and newest version for Merrill Users looking for high-quality color palette on their cameras: