Canon colors on Foveon cameras!

After many weeks I found the time to develop my project to finally have my beloved colors of a calibrated Canon 5ds on my Merrill camera!
I already published a colorimetric version of a profile for MERRILL to apply on LR, C1 or via CUBE file; on this case, my purpose was to have the not perfect but effective color feeling I always love to have with my Canon cameras.

UPDATE: after a deep rework now Merrill profiles are on Version 3.2 !
A new set with CANON and FUJI is ready THERE

As you can see, the skin tones now are more natural, the green cast is gone and the reds, and the blues are finally back!

There is a comparison between the same reference picture from Imaging Resource; onleft the dp1 Merrill tiff with my LUT, on the right side the 6d raw with a calibrated profile.

If you like this work, I am offering the LUT for MERRILL (Sigma dp1m, dp2m and dp3m  for 18,00 £.

You just have to click BUY NOW and pay by Paypal, and you’ll receive the download link with the full package.

(preferably not on mobile phone/tablet to be sure to have the download link after the payment)

Each package contains:

the color profile for MERRILL cameras to be used in Lightroom/ACR (7.3 and after)


be ready to develop your favorite pictures with NEUTRAL color mode on SPP, WB set on DAYLIGHT, export it in Prophoto 16bit TIFF and open this  Lightroom/Camera-raw to apply the right profile and finally enjoy the REAL colors of your pictures!
As you can see on this clip, import the tiff on Lightroom/ACR and after the WB apply the profile to get your final color correction.


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MERRILL series profile.

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