The world is changing!
Technologies applied to the digital image industries, thanks to the research of Google, Adobe and other companies like Topaz give us new opportunities.

It’s incredible to see what a camera phone can do today thanks to the AI of Google Camera with his HDR+ or PORTRAIT MODE; what about TOPAZ AI GIGAPIXEL?

Ideally, this software should give us an evolutive step to the resize process for big Giclee/Fine art prints (300ppi minimum) on cameras under 30megapixel sensor size.

Today, a rainy day, I did an easy test: taking handeld the same picture with:

Panasonic lx100 (m43 sensor size 12mpx)

Sigma DP1 MERRILL (apsc sensor FOVEON, 15mpx)

Canon 5ds with 16-35 f4 (Full frame sensor 50mpx)

After I developed the lx100 and the 5ds on Capture One, the Merrill on Sigma Pro Photo (and loaded with my LUT ).
The image was:

To make the comparison fair I upscaled the smaller LX100 and Merrill files for 200% with the Topaz software to check if the result is even close to the 5ds native file.


The small compact camera is the baby of the competition.. below we can see the comparison of the native resolution (12mpx) vs the upscaled one (50mpx).
100% native vs 50% upscaled

200% native vs 100% upscaled


This is THE subject of my test, so small, if the upscale would be fine, this would become the choice number one for any light stroll/travel where I can capture images for Giclee big prints.
15 mpx is the native resolution , 59mpx is the upscaled 200% resolution.

100% native vs 50% upscaled

200% native vs 100% upscaled


Below is the final test, three 100% crop of the three huge over 50mpx files.
First is the 5ds, second on the right the lx100, in the bottom the Merrill one!

What’s the outcome?

You can judge that:

Enjoy the full rez jpeg as reference !



Merrill dp1

My final thought is to be aware of the purpose of the upscale; if is for a print, the hyper sharpened image of the two upscaled images is even good and this makes me hopeful for the lightweight power of the Merrill camera and why not, perhaps just for upscales of 150% only, the lx100.

And last but not least, let’s keep in mind that: the huge, expensive, heavy 5ds can be upscaled too 🙂


Excited by the result I tested the workflow with one of my files taken by the old Canon 5d, a 12mpx full frame camera, I could say even THE MIGHTY ONE by Canon.

This was the reference:

And this was the outcome; this time I tried the very conservative 150% upscaling …(29mpx final size)

What to say?

If I’d like to print something bigger than A3 size, I can print 300ppi from every single file I can find in my library!