TECHART PRO on Sony A7riii, the dream.

I started using mirrorless cameras since 2010, when the first promising NEX 5 was released and that shape hang a lantern, with that weird shape and the super small size.

yes, super small without the lens.

This was the problem since the start; the market started making small cameras without reducing the size of the lenses.
After many years of Canon bodies and lenses, I fully come back to Sony with Sony A7riii and my desire of compactness started again.

So, this time I started looking for rangefinder lenses, Leica , Zeiss and Voigtlander and I found two important lenses for my photographic purposes: the Nokton 40 1.4 classic and the Voigtlander 12 5.6 m39.

Compact enough?

there is a comparison of size between the 12 5.6 and the new Canon 16 35 2.8; two different glasses for different purposes indeed, but the photography has been taken during a tripod session, where the AF and the aperture of 2.8 of the superb zoom were useless and the small weight/size in the bag of the 12 was a big winning point.

So, besides the size, what about the AF with the 35 1.4?
Not to bad, but definitely NOT FAST AS A RANGEFINDER.
Yes, peaking and magnifier are a good help, but not enough for action portrait, children portraits or other situations when you need to nail the focus.

So, I studied, enough to find the solution buying the TECHART PRO for Sony; in the meantime, I upgraded the 40 1.4 vm with the 40 1.2 vm and I found the heaven having: portability, a focal range good for different kind of shots,  AF with EYEAF, and a SUPERB lens.
Yes, superb, the Voigtlander Nokton 40 1.2 is nothing less than superb with a mix of dreamy effect and sharpness so good to makes me forgetting my experience with Canon 50 1.2 …!
Here a sample of my working set now for weddings or reportage: 40 1.2 with TECHART and Canon 24 70 2.8ii with MC11.

But, what about the TECHART PRO?

You can use it without any issue from superwide to 50..75mm, after you need to pre-focus and the weight of the lens has to be not over 500gr (they write 700 but I read on many forum about issues in the mechanism for the heavy weight of some tele adapted).
What about the Autofocus speed?
A video is more important than a thousand of words; that’s a short clip done to show the speed and the noise of the adapter.

What Can I add?
I did many pictures to my son running on the beach at 1.2, in afc with an average of 7 good pics nailed over 10, not bad at all!

So I tested the combination on my last wedding and the results were AMAZING as you can see in the samples below all taken at f 1.2!
The last update made for sony A7riii, A7iii and A9 seems to be the key factor if you are looking for good performances on Eye AF.


For anyone interested this link is mandatory to know the limits of the adapter, the flaws, the use itself.

-Do you have some Leica,Voigtlander,ZEISS glasses and you’d like to use them as you never did before with AF?
-Are you looking for the best compactness of the equipment without losing quality?
-Are you in love with fast f 1.1, 1.2,1.4 glasses made by the best lens maker in the world, and you’d like to use them on the field without any limit?

If you would say yes to just one of the three questions, you have to buy the Techart Pro.

Below a fullrez sample and many others, all at f1.2 in afc.