Canon colors on Sony!
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In 2019, with as a market leader of the 24x36mm cameras the following Canon, Nikon and Sony, it’s not hard to read many users posts in the forum about colors rendition.
Many migrations are happening thanks to the new semipro and pro mirrorless cameras and the first thing anyone can see after a big change from a brand to another is the color rendition of his pictures.

The biggest question after the big raise of Sony is: how to have the color rendition of my old Canon on Sony cameras?

I always suggest creating your own color profiles for your camera to keep the same level of color renditions beside the body you are using (assuming you use raws). But I can understand the request after 8 years of Canon and I did some color profiles in order to emulate a Canon camera on Sony A7 iii and Sony a7R iii.
After the big  FUJI PROJECT I found that one quite important.

Yes, Canon, what Canon and what color profile?
The best Canon in my opinion about color rendition, the 1dx, modern enough to have a modern taste bust still Canon like the older (5d, and 1d families) and not too close to the latest bodies with dual pixels sensor (5d IV,1dxII,R), too flat in my opinion. I took the standard jpeg (Digital photo professional develop settings for raw as well) profile as a reference.

So? this is the result: from Top left clockwise —SONY with 1dx color profile——SONY with generic profile——Canon 1dx “standard” by DPP.

Following some samples on Capture One and Lightroom as well. Always first A7 r3 profile, second the A7 to 1dx profile.

We can easily see the big difference in the rendition of: Skintone, Green and reds (the typical strong red closer to orange than magenta)

For anyone interested, I’m offering a single set of profiles, including:

Profile for Lightroom/Camera Raw

Profile for Capture One

At the price of 15£

Profile for SONY A7R III

Profile for SONY A7 III

Profile for SONY A9

Profile for SONY A7R II

This project has been replaced by my new project COBALT IMAGE.
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