We are all waiting news about the new Sigma Foveon camera coming out in the next year;  Merrill triple layered sensor 24×36 mpx… a dream for many of us!

Why are we so obsessed?
Yesterday, strolling around Westminster in London with my Sony A7r3 and the Batis 18, I had the chance to make a test taking the same picture with the same light of a picture takn one year ago with the SIGMA Merrill dp1.

The focal lenght is the same, 19mm for Sigma and 18mm for Sony and cropping to aps the 42mpx sensor of the latest we have 18mpx to compare against the 15mpx of the Foveon. So is a 15mpx vs 18mpx covering the same crop!

Let’s see the 100% comparison!

We can see a greta amount of details from both pictures, with Sigma on the right having more noise and some texture better rendered on flat surfaces and better color reproduction on the Sony in the left frame.
A big difference is in the corner of the crop, were the Zeiss Batis and the tecnology gap gives more differences; Sony keep everything clean without AC and problems, Sigma start losing quaility!

Nice to see even at 200% details from both the configurations.

Same considerations as before, on the screen I see more noise from Sigma with some tecture with better contrast and worst colours, but in perspective , for prints I see two incredible images almost ready for fine art!

What to add… this is gasoline for our hopes for the next Sigma Foveon coming in 2020… and at the same time for the mc21 to be able to use Canon lenses even in that body!