I do love red skies on sunset, on sunrise and off course I love to capture them on my camera.
That’s my attitude when I see a fantastic coloured sky on sunset; whether I’m driving, walking doing something different than taking pictures, I have to stop and take the picture of the fantastic ruby, crimson, red sky!
Every time I check the picture captured I’m disappointed; with any camera, smartphone, reflex, Gcam,mirrorless,digital back I can’t see the original red surrounded by blue cold colors typical at the end of the sunset, but I get only a washed and disappointing  yellow, orange.
I know, with digital backs, 16bit, I have just to find a right white balance and 90% of the job is done; with foveon cameras sometimes I get the right color at first try, but with any other solution, the results is always NOT good and I need to play with HSL panel, to emulate the red.

Adobe made a new adjustment bar some time ago, the DEHAZE control with the purpose to fight the haze effect adding some sort of local contrast and something else we can’t find exactly. Playing with that value, and my friend the tone curve, I found the solution for the RED COLOUR always hidden by the bayer matrix on our cameras.
The dehaze work moving the RGB levels on the histogram and combining this effect with the Blue and Red values on the tone curve I can recover the red lost on the capture without adding a bad colour cast on the whole image and super saturation increases.
Below we can see what I mean, all the pictures were captured becouse the super fantastic and bright red and the first image is the clean raw, the second the clean raw with my action applied!

If you’d like to test this setting, I made this preset available on download for Lightroom.
Hope you can enjoy it and you can adapt che value of the tone curve to enhance in proper way every different image.

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