Canon vs Sony, colors on Lightroom

The biggest competition ever happened in modern digital photography, Canon vs Sony, has reached on his top when the topic “colors” has been opened.
Everywhere on the web we can see comparisions between the basic full frame cameras, Canon R and A7iii for autofocus, image quality etc etc.
I saw an interesting video on Youtube made by Manny Ortiz about a comparision of the 85mm lenses of both brands here. That gave me the opportunity to find, with the linked raws of the review, the differences in colours and skintones of both cameras used.

Both files opened on Lightroom and cropped on the faces show us this:

We can see on the left the Canon and on the right the Sony.
Manny did a great job and beside a small difference in composition, the portrait are quite identical so the differences in colors, vignetting, bokeh are so evident!
We can fix the vignetting, chromatic aberrations, exposure, with three, four clicks on Lightroom, keeping the new “Adobe color” profile; main thing is the white balance and the correct correction is done picking the same point in both images.

Who can recognize now what picture is Canon and what is Sony?

Filling forums talking about the color differences between brands is a nice sport, but basically is a waste of time; it’s so 2005!
Yes, if the main topic is jpeg photography, color fingerprints is a real thing; but if we talk about raws, let’s talk about white balance, lens correction and exposure compensations, and perhaps later color profiles (yes if you want the PERFECT output to emulate a SOOC jpeg) , but never about COLOR DIFFERENCES between brands!

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