Merrill Fever

We are in 2020, and the Merrill fever has already started for the incoming foveon camera by Sigma.

Today I finally had the time to be able to sort out my personal image database and I found a nice series on Griffith Park in LA took two years ago with both Canon 5ds and Sigma Merrill dp2. During that very warm and foggy day I took many pictures of the metropolitan area of LA from the top observatory.
Thanks to that I now have at least four overlappable frames took with both cameras and I can compare the FINAL result (resize to 4000 long side is my benchmark for personal crop and small prints).

Below is one of the comparision:

And here is the 100%

Sigma is easily recognizable; on the left we can see the power of foveon cameras, crisp and realistic details compared to normal details from a bigmegapixel camera (15mpx vs 50 mpx the starting point) after the sharpening process.
So, another post about the power of Sigma Merrill cameras?

This is the starting point, but now, are we in the same situation?
I Have now a Sony A7r3 with his Pixel Shift feature; is this one  eventually an upgrade after 8 years of superiority of the small and cheap Merrill (just for landscape off course!)

On my database of images I found THE SAME PLACE, WITH SAME EXPOSURE and SAME FOCAL ANGLE; very lucky indeed for two shoots taken at yers of distance….
Below is the comparision, always resized to 4000 long side.

and the 100% crop:

A striking difference, indeed.
On the left we have the Sony with Voigtlander 40 1.2 , pixel shift of four pictures captured with my workflow; on the right the Sigma Merrill dp2 at his best aperture. Besides the resolution difference on this comparision, the superiority of the pixel shift is also on the bsi sensor capable of a deep post processing  thanks to its dynamic range.

So, in 2020 we can finally say we don’t miss anymore the Merrill? Perhaps, at least until the incoming release from Sigma: the expected Foveon Full Frame.

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