Merrill Color Pack (Updated with Kalpanika profile)

I spent months correcting the Sigma Merrill color cast of the Foveon 1 x 1 x 1 sensor; I did the first correction and the improved Canon emulation.
Now, after my final edits and thanks to my experience in Fuji color emulation, I made a FINAL pack of correction/emulation for The mighty Merrill Cameras by Sigma: the dp1,dp2 and dp3!

Yes, this time is not just a “correction” from green cast or bad colors; this time I worked on: CANON STANDARD, FUJI Provia, FUJI Velvia, FUJI Classic Chrome, Fuji ProNegSTD to be able to bring the best from any of the iconic color styles. So now you can enjoy the reds from Canon, the skin tones from the ProNegSTD, the pushed Velvia Style, the legendary Chrome style, and the good for any use Provia on your CRAZY Sigma Merrill with files made on SPP.

Below there are  many samples:

We know the solution Number TWO for the development of X3f files: the Kalpanika x3f converter: You can find it here.
The final image is more balanced, almost equal to normal raw from other modern cameras, and requires a process for more punch, but is way more perfect about colors!

I made a profile of conversion for that process and this is a sample of use (JUST FOR KALPANIKA X3f conversions).
Included in the package are the LUT and a zip file with the Kalpanika converter for Windows to be extracted in the root c: in order to work!
Please follow this process BEFORE the WB, AFTER the LUT (if you find a green or pink huge cast, please start again the process and OR change WB with the picker)


If you like this work, I am offering the LUTs for MERRILL (Sigma dp1m, dp2m and dp3m) to be used with SPP and teh color LUT for Kalpanika process with converter  for 29,00 £.
You just have to click BUY NOW below and pay by Paypal, and you’ll receive the download link with the full package.

(preferably not on mobile phone/tablet to be sure to have the download link after the payment)

Each package contains:

the color profile for MERRILL cameras to be used with SPP in Lightroom/ACR (7.3 and after) or other software supporting .xmp profiles.
Luts included are:
FUJI Velvia, FUJI Provia, FUJI Classic Chrome, FUJI ProNegSTD, Canon STD

The conversion LUT for files made with Kalpanika X3f converter with the included converter (included only for Windows)

So be ready to develop your favorite pictures with NEUTRAL color mode on SPP, WB set on DAYLIGHT, export it in Prophoto 16bit TIFF and open this  Lightroom/Camera-raw to apply the right profile and finally enjoy the REAL colors of your pictures!
Below is a sample of the settings to set on SPP:

Above in the samples, you can easily check the process on Lightroom as a reference!

For Kalpanika X3F users, I sell the conversion profile only with a converter for 12£.

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