Cobalt Image, the perfect camera color profiles

Never settle! Photography has always been my passion and during months of forced pause, tons of hard work and a great collaboration with one of the smartest mind regarding colors, I’m very proud to announce my last project creating the best camera color profiles:

My colleague and co-founder Enrico is probably one of the biggest experts in camera profiles for software as Adobe, Capture One, and similars.
His contribution to knowledge, color science, and his scientific method made it possible for us to make a big jump from the already excellent profiles I already cooked in the past (most to be able to emulate digital Fuji).

The core of this project is made by the “perfect camera color profiles”; profiles for individual cameras with wide gamut, excellent color reproduction made on a scientific base, and coherent output, whatever is the camera model or the brand.
So, working with many bodies from different manufacturers now, with our profiles, is like working with many of the same camera models; always the same color output!

here is an introductive video from this page where we explain more in the details of the project.

Color profiles for Adobe software and Capture One, indeed the best color profiles you can buy now in the market are just the starting point of our Cobalt Image project.
I already did in the past emulations, my Fuji emulations were my best product and perhaps still the best in the Capture One world, but now we are offering emulations/simulations made with scientific methods to work over our color profiles. That means to be able to use an X modern and produce pictures you can really sell as SOOC from a Fuji camera, a Leica Monochrom, or a Nikon D200 CCD being sure, you will never have bad surprises by harsh lights, colorful reds, or similar problems.

So, please take a look at COBALT IMAGE and think about that: how much we invest in camera gear, sure to know the color fingerprints of Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc.. and how bad are the basic color profiles made by the most important raw developers in the market, now we can keep the high-quality standard in the full process.

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