Why the size of the sensors is that overrated: sensors battle!

Sensors battle on the Year 2021, the year of Covid.
So every chance to go out shooting is important and traveling is not only something you not necessary for your holidays but something your GP gives you as a “medicine”.

Do you like to carry 10 kg on your backpack just for photo equipment? you can stop here, this is not for you!
I made this basic test just for people who love photography and not just the technology in photography and for sure not for people sick on GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome); yeah, I was one of them, but now, working with cameras, lenses, etc since 10 years ago, I don’t want to “work” on holidays, when I travel alone, with family or when I just walk around enjoying some fresh air.

-So I tested one of the big fish in the full-frame market, maybe with the most balanced sensor today available, the Sony A7r3 with 42mpx and my super calibrated (thanks Fixation on London!) Canon 24-70 2.8ii, an incredible performer. Not the best as megapixel but the best as a general performer for Iso, details, DR. 
tested on 28mm and 45mm handheld, f8.

-Second camera was the last camera I bought, the tiny Panasonic TZ200 with its 1-inch sensor on a 24-360 relative zoom lens.
tested on relative 28mm and 50mm handheld, f 4.5.

-Third camera was the Ricoh GR, my beloved APS ninja camera on a relative 28mm, f 5.6.

-Jolly as the fourth camera was the Sigma dp2 Merrill camera with his APS Foveon sensor, tested at a relative 45mm, 5.6.

Important to know:
-basic sharpening (deconvolution so high detail masked on Lightroom)
Cobalt color-neutral profile for Bayer cameras (more info there ) so the differences in colors are the light of the sun filtered by clouds on this windy day.
-This test is not scientific, is just a general test made for the average people, so no tripod, just a series of similar photos to see the final result.
-All images are made on 4k resolution assuming the average person enjoys his pictures on the monitor and not anymore on prints and is smart enough to enjoy them without going for pixel peeping.

28mm SONY A7r3

28mm Ricoh GR

28mm Panasonic TZ200

45mm Sony A7r3

45mm Sigma Dp2 Merrill

50mm Panasonic TZ200

So, I know, the Sony is widely better than the others as a general-purpose camera, a pro camera, etc, etc…
But a bigger value to carry with you on holidays, heavier, more “complicated”.
How “poorer” are the others?
And how beautiful is the Foveon? 😀

you can see by yourself and draw your conclusion, and do not forget, all the cameras on this test are without the AA filter.

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