Photographic Workshop

Date: 20th May 2017, 19:30

Level: Beginner

Duration: 3 hrs

Recommended gear: camera, tripod, optional nd filters.

During this workshop I’ll take you on three different locations across the Thames river during and after the sunset.

The purpose of this short workshop is to improve the basic approach to the urban composition / framing with a river and the reflections.

You will learn the correct the long exposure techniques and the right light conditions to have great results with the fantastic environment of London during the sunset.

The course will include visit and shooting sessions on: 

  • Westminster Bridge.

  • Millennium Bridge.

  • Tower Bridge.

We will talk and test about:

  • Shutter speed for long exposures

  • Using the tripod to avoid any shakes

  • Framing and planning the composition

  • Use the right aperture settings to achieve the right dof and the right sharpness

  • Using the reflections to add more impact to the pictures.

I’ll be by your side to teach this and answer any question you might have during the session.

Cost 80£ to pay by Paypal to:

For any inquiries please contact me via